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Thanks for visiting Cathy, home to Royalty-Free and Rights Managed Stock Photography by Cathy McKinty. All images are available as prints printed on heavyweight photo paper with archival quality inks. All images displayed here are copyright protected and may not be used without purchasing a license.

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Mature Tree Showing Trunk Tree Canopy and Undergrowth Sun Sign Carved in Wood Small Dog Running In a Grassy Field Stock Photo of Decaying Wood Eaten by Insects
Tree As Digital Art With Magical Colours Wild Geranium Flowers and Buds, Geranium Pratense, Meadow Cranesbill Red Clover in a Field. Trefoil, Trifolium Pine Tree Brabch With Needles and Cones
Cow Parsley in Flower. Close-up Tower Tree Carving Small Dog Running in a Field of Buttercups Small Dog Running In a Grassy Field With Buttercups
Small Dog Running in a Field of Buttercups Stock Photo of Small Dog Running Cute Terrier Dog Lying of White Fluffy Pillow Isle of Arran Seen Over Golf Course, Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland
Arran Viewed From Carrick Hills Ayrshire Scotland Grey Goose Landing on Water Stock Photo of Grey Goose Flying Dog Portrait. Digital Sketch Effect
Lemon Slices on Green Gradient Background Dog Sucking Lemon In Open Mouth Waves on Shore Pink Geranium Flower
Diamonds Falling From Hand to Hand Trout in Close-up on Crushed Ice Three Mackerel Scomber Scombrus on Crushed Ice Wild Grey Geese Swimming in a Line
White Duck on Pond, Tinted Gold Male Mallard Duck Golden Terrier Dog Looking Sad RedTerrier Dog
Country Park in Northamptonshire, úngland Durham Castle, England Rusty Metal Chain on Weathered Gate Post Eurasian Coot, Fulica Atra, Wild Bird
Forest Park Trail in Autumn Tree Bark Pattern Tree Bark Pattern Family PhotoTaken in the Edwardian Era


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